Sunday worship begins at 10:00 AM & Holy Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month.  Join us in Archibald Fellowship Hall immediately following the service for refreshments and conversation.  Remember, No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here!  Are you interested in learning more about joining our church? Please speak to Pastor Gary, or call our office at 914-949-2023.

View this Sunday’s bulletin May 3 – “Interdependence Day” is Pastor Gary’s sermon title

How should we think about worship?  Certainly, there are many spiritual paths open to us–

“Worship at its best does more than inspire us, it transforms us. True worship transfigures and transforms the way we live; it changes the way we view life’s challenges, changes what truly matters to us and the way we see ourselves and others. It is not a pep rally in which we get ourselves all pumped up to go on and continue the way we have already been living. Such a conception of worship can do no more than perpetuate the status quo. There is already enough of that! It is more than spiritual motivation or marketing programs designed around survival of the mainline institutional church or denominational structures. No, worship is about vision and hearing. At its best, worship gives us new eyes and ears and mouths to see and hear and speak what could not have been said before”   ~ An excerpt from Pastor Gary’s first sermon at Church in the Highlands, September 21, 2014, titled, “Get Ready”


The adult choir has been an integral part of the worship service since the earliest days of the Church in the Highlands. It sings for nearly every service from September through June and for special services at Christmas, Maundy Thursday, as well as ordinations. We are blessed to have four outstanding section leaders: Dakota, Juliette, Patrick and Dominic. The choir rehearses Sunday mornings at 9:00, in the Social Hall. All are welcome to participate.